Ghostbusters, von „Totgeburt“ bis „überflüssig“

Verheerende Reviews erntet der Film von Paul Feig, der bei uns am 4. August startet, bei IMDb, von „Totgeburt“ bis „überflüssig“, hier einige Auszüge:

Heralded by the most disliked trailer in YouTube history, and an embargo on reviews until pretty much the day of release by a panicked Sony Studios, the „Heaven’s Gate“ of supernatural horror comedies is finally here, and what a terrible, unfunny, man-hating mess it is. (Gizmo)

…The pace of the film is like molasses, the editing is amateur choppy, the acting is slapstick and the comedy is extra soft-porn SNL (Saturday Night Live). Yes I went in with considerable apprehension, but came out with a severe case of stomach cramps …(keithbeniceck)

Stephan Lancaster titelt: Dead on arrival ….As far as the end result… …the film completely fell flat across the board. …

Girlycard meint: Now, keep in mind that I’m going to try to make this as least-hostile as possible. But when a movie is this hypocritical, bigoted, and ignorant, there is nothing good that can be said about it. Except for the people who were literally bribed into writing positive reviews…

StoryIsEverything fängt so an: I went into this movie with an open mind hoping that it would not be as bad as the trailers and TV spots suggest. It is. …

Instead of getting a 3rd film with the original actors before Harold Ramis passed away we get a horrible i say horrible reboot and don’t start with this whole sexist thing we saw the trailers and both the cgi and the laughs were awful. (adonis98-743-186503)

Mr_Piggles vermutet: I reckon this film will have a fairly average take when it opens in the US this weekend and then disappear in to the bad remake/reboot garbage pile.

ccannigevans kommt zum Schluss: that’s it’s best to not see this movie.

Jerry-Sprinkle folgert: Not only did they attempt to reboot a comedy (tell the same joke twice in a row and see how well it works the second time – comedy is a very very delicate thing and you need to respect the audience) but they went for a movie that originally caught lightning in a bottle. I don’t even think Ghostbusters II did enough to justify existing.

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