Wie schon einmal gepostet, sucht Antonio Gragnaniello aus Italien nach Reviews deutscher Fantasyfilme. Er arbeitet an der Herausgabe eines umfassenden Kompendiums des fantastischen Films auf italienisch. Die gesuchten Reviews brauchen nicht auf italienisch zu sein, englische Übersetzungen vorhandener Reviews oder eigene Reviews auf englisch reichen vollauf.

Die Arbeit wird mit Gottes Lohn bezahlt (also gar nicht, um das klarzustellen). Was genau Antonio möchte und braucht, bitte mit ihm selber ausmachen. Mir hat er als Beispiel eine Liste von Filmen geschickt, für die er aktuell Reviews sucht, diese findet Ihr unten, nebst einigen Ausschnitten der Infos, die er mir gegeben hat.

Wer Interesse an einer Mitarbeit hat, ihm bitte eine e-Mail schicken (arrabal70@hotmail.com), mehr als hier steht, weiß ich auch nicht.

— — —

As I already posted before, Antonio Gragnaniello from Italy is looking for reviews of certain german fantasy movies. He’s working on a compendium of fantastic cinema, which is going to be released in Italy. The reviews don’t have to be in Italian, english suffices completely.The work is not paid, if you’re interested in helping out, send him an e-Mail (arrabal70@hotmail.com).

I don’t know any more than said here. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the movies, Antonio is looking for reviews of, as well as some excerpts of what he told me about the project.

  • we are writing this book for 10 years about fantastic-horror-mystery cinema, the most complete ever. It already includes 4000 reviews. From Germany we have several titles included but we would like to find others. The book will be published in a few months. That’s why we need someone disposed to write some reviews for us of obscure German films.

  • i’m writing a book on fantastic-mystery cinema and that i need someone disposed to write some reviews of obscure German films like DIE NACHT DES SCHIKSALS, TRAUMA (Gabi Kubach), JACKPOT (Renate Sami), ABSCHIDSDISKO (Losansky), HOLGI (Knarr), JULIE DARLING, DIE SCHWARZE KATZE (Kramberg), DER SANDMANN (Damek) and other similar titles from 1980 to 2007.

  • DIE NACHT DES SCHIKSALS (Germany 1982) Helmer von Lützelburg
    DER SANDMANN (both Schmidt & Damek versions)
    Trauma (Germania 1983) Gabi Kubach
    Abschiedsdisko (1990) Rolf Losansky
    Die Schwarze Katze (1980) Karl-Heinz Kramberg
    and many more……..

3 Antworten zu “Reviews obskurer deutscher Filme gesucht”
  1. BEWARE, I was contacted by ANTONIO GRAGNANIELLO about 2 years ago to help him with his (fictionous book)
    which is probably just bullshit to get rare movies he can’t get by himself. ANTONIO was notorious for being the biggest movie hoarder around for many year (and sadly still is). Also, if you collaborate with him he might turn his back on you the minute he knows that another collector „happen“ to have the same movies you found for him. Be advised that he will then treat you like a fuckin thief and other very bad things. So, just be careful if you deal in any way with this lunatic.

  2. Normally, I would delete this comment because of accusational behaviour, but since this is not the first comment or email I received about this issue, I will let it stand as an example.

  3. Michael Fuchs sagt:

    Agreed – be careful. Antonio is a liar and serial spammer. You will spend hours and hours working for him, nothing in return other than be treated like shit.

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